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A few steps from the palm grove, at the heart of the medina of Tozeur, Dar Nejma, “The House of the Stars” hides behind its high brick walls. From the outside, nothing distinguishes it from other houses in the old city. This is how it was intended by Dominique Airault-Cousin who designed and built in compliance with local traditions.

After going through the streets of the medina, we stop in front of the main door with three knockers before being introduced into the skifa. A first look captures the ballet of light and shadow playing on the ocher walls and the smell of multiple jasmins and bougainvillea flowers. We are in the courtyard called the palm. It includes shared spaces – winter and summer living rooms, dining room, kitchen. The pool, despite its size, plays with his discrete dark green water. The date palm (one of the largest in the medina) dominates the house to his full height, and each year it is fertilized to produce some Deglet Nour dates.

The second courtyard is mineral. The facades of the apartments are reflected in a quiet pool, surrounded with young palms. The windows are decorated with moucharabiehs to see while protecting privacy.

Each apartment reflects a conciliatory approach on architecture, decorative arrangements and traditional materials with warm colors. Each suite is composed by a small living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.