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  • Chebika, Tamerza and Mides

Escape to the famous oasis : 1 day

  • Kebili – Douz

Region-Kebili Douz lies between the city of Gabes (120 km) to the east, and the Tozeur (94 km) to the west. Kebili, with 45,000 inhabitants, is the administrative center of the region: 2 day

  • Star Wars

Fans of George Lucas will be delighted. The region of Matmata and Tataouine has indeed served as a scene for the phantom menace. Here, visit it in 4 × 4 – real rollercoaster!

  • The Oasis of Ksar Ghilane 4 * 4, 2 days
You will encounter on the roads of the Deep South more strange and mysterious constructions. Those are the Ksarsn.
  • Chott El Jerid and mirages

Dry sea, this area looks like a great lake but it is only salt!!

  • The red lizard

It is a process offered by France to Tunisia during the protectorate. It sneaks in the canyon, along a wadi. The scenery is magnificent.

  • Nefta

At 20 kilometers from Tozeur, lies Nefta who hadmore than 150 sources and housed around 400,000 palm trees and fruit trees, also called “the princess of the desert.” Today, sources have dried up, but the palmes grove is still there. You can visit the grove or the area of ​​the old town.